We study, from an analytical point of view, the inter-particle interactions in dry, cohesionless 2D granular media to find the micromechanical origin of landslides. Our analytical study is compared to the results of numerical simulations of granular materials in a rotating tumbler. These simulations are based on a contact dynamics method.


  • Dry, cohesionless 2D granular media.
  • Particles are considered as perfect circles.
  • Monodisperse arrangements.


The results of this project will give us a deeper understanding of the landslides origin. Thus, more precise theories will help engineers to avoid landslides on practical applications. The potential reduction on the waste of money and natural resources, plus the increment on the safety of the constructions, imply that the project has economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Execution time:

This project started on November 2016 and is estimated to be finished on July 2019.

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