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Proudly introducing INSPIRE:

Institute of Scientific Pioneering Research of Ecuador!!!

This is a project to create an INstitute of Scientific PIoneering Research inEcuador (INSPIRE) (South America) given the limitations of the country’s academic system. We believe that the lack of research and science is what keeps developing countries, such as Ecuador, into poverty. Every dollar that you donate will help an Ecuadorian college student be able to develop real science, as well as give them access to first class education and global networking.

Please, help us to make the dream of becoming real world-class scientists come true!

«What is not started will never get finished» – J. W. Von Goethe

Open Data Day UIO 2018:

Mechanic, mineralogical, morphological and computational characterization [Caracterización mecánica, mineralógica, morfológica y computacional]

Rafaela Betancourt de INSPIRE da una corta presentación sobre su proyecto de investigación científica «Caracterización mecánica, mineralógica, morfológica y computacional del suelo ecuatoriano: Una primera base de datos a nivel nacional» en el Open Data Day UIO 2018, llevado a cabo en CIESPAL, Quito, el Sábado 3 de Marzo de 2018.

INSPIRE: logo and symbols unraveled!

​Alex X. Jerves, decodes and briefly explains the meaning the INSPIRE logo and symbols!

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